History of Ocaklı Petrol


TOTAL Ocaklı Petrol, that continues increasing its presence with its technology, knowledge, customer-oriented service approach and sustainable development mission, is expanding its network without compromising quality. It operates in retail, commercial and industrial fuels, mineral oils, storage and international trade issues. It has become the petrol station with the most rapid and consistent growth of the last decade with its strong infrastructure, realistic vision and faith in the country.


Ocaklı Petrol began its activities in the oil field in March 2004 and became TURKEY's best-selling station with Wholesale and Retail sales of TOTAL OIL Inc. in a short period of time.


SMS Parking management, which started its operations in 2003 in order to contribute to the reduction of traffic congestion in town, operates with 10 car parks of our establishment.


Taksim German hospital car park,

Şişhane storey car park,

29 Mayıs Hospital car park,

Davutpaşa outdoor car park,

Yeniyüzyıl University car park,

Beyoğlu Police Station car park,

Italian Hospital car park,

Vatan Hospital car park,

Çamlıca German Hospital car park,

Maksim car parks are managed by us.


Ocaklı Group, presenting different services with the investments made or to be made in our country, has put its second hotel into service in Taksim. It has founded PIZZERIA TRIO as MTM LOKANTACILIK ISL.LTD.STI. in 2007 by including flavors of Italian cuisine under its structure in order to offer better quality and efficient hotel services. The dreams of Mehmet Ocaklı, who focused to be the owner of a venue that makes magnificent Italian pizza with the intend to offer Italy's unique flavor blends to guests while he was a business man in the Oil sector, has become a reality once acquainted with Istanbul's best Italian chef and manager Ibrahim Ayçiçek.


Vision & Mission


Ocaklı Petrol, aiming to become Turkey's leading oil company that specializes in all directions, has a vision to brace up from rooted and firm principles while achieving its goals.

It is dynamic; gives value to innovation and creativity; invests in research and development; conveys a sense of responsibility towards society; works to add material and spiritual value to all social partners; environmentally sensitive.

It depends on national values with the awareness of power from the past and importance of taking lessons in the road to the future; protect family and moral values, is against bigotry and conservatism.

Believes that the key to success is to work efficiently, disciplined, and planned.

Adds value to employees, gives opportunity to professional training and development; rewards success.

It is a reputable, stable and powerful, honest and reliable institution.

It works to be the best in all areas in business. It focuses on results.

It does not compromise quality of products and services.

It has a participatory, fair and democratic management, realized the necessity of institutionalization, it is an organization open to learning and criticism.

It believes in creating a pleasant working environment and having team spirit, power of synergy and communication.

It is customer-oriented and directs its productions according to the determination of demand and expectations of the market.

It values neatness and order, encourages prudence, is against wastage.

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